The great joy of victory. The all-encompassing bitterness of defeat. Athletes, like no one else, know what it is like to experience these unique feelings. Sport moves the planet forward, and overnight can make a person both incredibly happy and extremely unhappy. Therefore, it is not surprising that in anime the sports genre has a separate, honorable role. The Japanese are excellent at making anime about sports, and they are not limited to any one sport. After seeing a volleyball match on TV for the first time, high school student Shouyo Hinata was amazed to the core.

Haikyuu text story ( kenma X yn ) .. THANK YOU FOR 300 SUBSCRIBE ... I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH 😘😘😘:

(Various! Haikyuu x Short! Fem. Reader) In which a bunch of volleyball players simp for Udai (Y/N), a soft and slightly aloof babygirl who is the half-sister of Udai . 3/14/ · Read Oikawa x Depressed!Reader (angst) from the story Haikyuu x reader one shots by HaikyuuFan23 with 3, reads. ushiwaka, kageyama, depressedreader. ⚠️⚠️⚠️W Отзывы: 3. 3/26/ · ʷⁱᵍˢⁿᵃᵗᶜʰᵉʳ ⁱˢ ᵗʸᵖⁱⁿᵍ haikyuu x reader K yamaguchi y/n is a young girl at the age of 15 and is a first year at karasuno with her brother tadashi. she took up the position of assistant manager since the girls te Отзывы:

Junior high school pupil Shoyo After viewing a nationwide tournament match on Television, Hinata develops a surprising love of volleyball. He starts practicing by himself and produces a volley-ball club. Eventually 3 members join the group by his past year of middle-school, driving his two buddies that have been in different teams to join solely for the championship to be persuaded by Hinata. Nevertheless, they can be conquered in their very first tournament match after being challenged by the championship favourite team, including the so called "King of the Court" Tobio Kageyama, in the initial round. Though the group of Hinata endures a miserable defeat, get the better of him and he vows to finally surpass Kageyama. Fastforward to high school, Hinata enters Karasuno Highschool with all the hopes of joining their club that is volley-ball.

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Буду понемного добавлять истории, просто потому что мне нравится писать. haikyuu · haikyuuxreader · oneshot. Table of Contents; Details. От автора. Read Кагеяма Тобио || Награда from the story Haikyuu x Reader by ygio___ (​Ygio) with reads. haikyuu, oneshot, haikyuuxreader. Good and bad situations — фанфик по фэндому «Haikyuu!!» "Choosing" Toru Oikawa x Reader x Hajime Iwaizumi (NSFW). 3 июня , | Отзывы: 5.

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Fate // Attack on Titan \u0026 Haikyuu Crossover x Reader // Part One:

(Various! Haikyuu x Short! Fem. Reader) In which a bunch of volleyball players simp for Udai (Y/N), a soft and slightly aloof babygirl who is the half-sister of Udai Tenma, more famously known as the "Little Giant." "(Y/N)-chan, your phone's ringing. Must be your boyfriend.". 6/22/ · Haikyuu x Reader; haikyuu/reader - Freeform; Summary. Have you ever wanted to join in the fun on Haikyuu!!? Then this is the story for you. The story starts with you, when your grandfather, an older man from Japan, passes away. The two of you were close as you grew up, and you even had a childhood friend from your summers spent with your. 8/19/ · Nsfw Haikyuu!! X Female Reader (slow update) Fanfiction. Hello there my readers! I will only be writing when I feel like it but I'll try and open a request and write it for you. Hope you enjoy~! I will be writing mostly NSFW but some might be a half NSFW or even not a NSFW. Btw it Отзывы:

Непутёвый ученик в школе. Избранный богами. Я стою на миллионах трупов. Может, я встречу тебя в. Боевой Континент 3. Итоговая оценка: 9.

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Haikyuu: Fight! [Nishinoya x Reader FF]. December Y/N das bin ich, Manche würden mich. Rich girl (tuskishima Kei x reader). The aristocrat was a rich family that lived in the Japan, (y/n) grew up with her twin brother eating off. Mar 16, - Read K U R O O from the story Haikyuu x reader (Lemon) by _katsukiri_ (SYCLAD) with reads. oneshot, kageyama, akaashi. P A R T Y.

Ever since he saw the legendary player known as the Little Giant compete at the national volleyball finals, Shoyo Hinata has aimed to be the best volleyball player ever! He decides to join the team at the high school the Little Giant went to — and then surpass him. Who says you need to be tall to play volleyball when you can jump higher than anyone else? Close Register for new account Forgot my password. Re-type Password. Close Already has an account?

[Reader x HQ CHARACTERS] ~HAIKYUU! SPECIAL!~ ' HQ+ Kareshi -School Days-' (Shounen ai) HAIKYUU! DJ

Y/n as Aoba Johsai Manager--Fake Sub•Haikyuu--